Hand Therapy of Colorado

3333 S. Bannock Street #770 
Englewood, CO 80110

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Hand Therapy of Colorado Services

Optimal recovery begins with early intervention and care. So it’s important to begin treatment the moment your doctor approves therapy. From your very first appointment, Hand Therapy of Colorado is working to take you from where you are today—to where you want to be. Along the way we’ll continually evaluate your progress making adjustments where needed.


Some of the areas we may cover in your visits include:

·        Joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase mobility

·        Programs to improve strength, endurance, and function

·        Techniques to reduce swelling and ease pain

·        Treatment to encourage healing of scarred, burned, or injured tissue

·        Custom splinting for appropriate positioning, protection or to improve movement

·        Home exercise programs to promote progress made during visit

·        Education on strategies designed to prevent re-injury, avoid complications, minimize stiffness, and reduce treatment time

·        Ergonomic assessment

·        Work conditioning programs

Hand Therapy of Colorado is highly skilled in evaluating, treating, and rehabilitating many different types of conditions such as:

·        Amputations

·        Arthritis

·        Burns

·        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·        Crush Injuries

·        Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

·        Dislocations

·        Edema (Swelling)

·        Fractures

·        Ganglion Cysts

·        Impingement syndromes

·        Infections

·        Joint replacement

·        Ligament injuries

·        Repetitive strain injuries

·        Scars

·        Sports injuries

·        Sprains/strains

·        Work-related injuries

·        Tendonitis

·        Tendon and nerve repair

·        Trigger Finger

·        Wounds

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